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"Brady’s latest offering Is another understated gem"


Edwin McFee review of

Small Town Trouble

(Hot Press October 2011)

"I think I'm most impressed with the depth of the lyrics and musically, it's all so darn listenable"

Quico Reed (Songramp)

"His lyrics are painted with romantic anguish and societal disaffection and he finds a way to tell a detailed story within each of his songs"

Alec Cunningham (Review You)

"Wonderful song, an absolute little masterpiece.  I hope it moves you the way it moved me"

Niall Toner (RTE Radio 1)

comment on

"The Man That I Used To Be"

"The stories he tells paint a vivid picture in your mind that will remain there for a long time, leaving you with the feeling that you truly know the artist. He shares his experiences, his feelings about certain events, his weaknesses, his strengths, and ultimately his hope with us."

'Rebel" Rod Ames

(From Under The Basement)

"Just rock solid rock, no need for fancy magic, just guitars, drums, bass, vocals and brilliant lyrics, exactly what it needs to be"

Sworn Red (Soundcloud)

"This is an artist who wants to move on but is still rooted in his past; he’s inspired by his memories but there’s a restlessness to him that makes him interesting and worth listening to."

Liam Oragh

(Musicians Together Magazine)

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