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Almost Love At First Sight (Mick O'Doherty, Mick Brady)

I was living in my head
I was heading for a fall
I thought I knew what I wanted
But I didn't know nothing at all
I remember when I saw her first
And it was almost love at first sight
It only took a couple of days
And just one night 

We never thought it would last this long
But hey, we're still going strong
She wasn't always right
And I wasn't always wrong
And it wasn't always easy 
But it wasn't ever really that hard
You gotta give, you gotta take
You gotta have a little faith
If you're gonna make it this far

Things that used to matter
Don't matter now
And winning doesn't make you happy anyhow
Get everything that you want
And you can call yourself a big success
But what you really want
Is wanting every thing that you get



I Never Saw It Coming (Mick O'Doherty, Mick Brady)

We've been together since we were kids
Now our kids are raised

After years of only just getting by
The bills have all been paid
I was planning for the future
All the things we were gonna do
But she had her own ideas
Yeah, she was planning too

I never saw it coming
Till after she was gone
I still don't understand the way
That I got it all so wrong
I had no idea
Where she was coming from
I never saw it coming
Until after she was gone

Refrigerator's empty
Dirty dishes in the sink
Empty bottles piling up outside
And all I want to do is drink
I've been gone to pieces
Since the day that she's been gone
Was it her who made a fool of me
Or did I fool myself all along?



Lost In This Town (Mick O'Doherty, Mick Brady)

I hailed a late night taxi
Fell in the back seat 
There's only losers and prowlers
Out walking the streets
I told the driver to take it slow
I don't know where I wanna go
Heartbreak music coming through the radio

There’s a light in your window
And a light outside of your door
But the light inside doesn't burn for me anymore
You tell me that we've gotta move on
No one's right, no one's wrong
Nothing lasts forever
Nothing good lasts for long

I can't think of nothing else
Since we've been apart
But I wouldn't wanna dance
A long slow dance with the past
I'm lonely and lost in this town
I feel like I'm slipping down
I'm going over and over and over
The same old ground

I can't get to sleep nights
For thinking 'bout what might have been
I guess you and I never shared the same dream
I'm gonna get outta here for a while
Give myself a little time
Take a little trip
Find a place  where I can hide



Way Too Much (Mick O'Doherty, Mick Brady)

I like the simple life
I like simple things
I don't need a lotta money
And the trouble that it brings
All I ever wanted was just-about-enough
Plus a whole lotta lovin' from you

Now don't you tell me that's too much to ask
I'll take a half-empty cup
I'll take a half-full glass
But half-hearted lovin'
Is never, ever, ever gonna do

I'm getting way too much
Of not enough lovin' from you
And way too much
Of too much feeling blue
Too much hopin' something's gonna happen
Too much messin' round and not enough passion
Getting way too much
Of not enough lovin' from you

We should be dancing in the dark
But we never dance at all
We should be hanging out
But we're barely hanging on
We should be making love
But all we're doing is making do

Well I never asked for much
And I didn't ask for this
I can see it in your eyes
I can feel it in your kiss
You tell me you've got issues
Well baby I've got issues too



Perfect World (Mick O'Doherty, Mick Brady)

You're chasing after rainbows
But they're black and white
Colours all draining out of your life
You're busy running after something
That you don't need
And if you’re buying, someone’s supplying
You're sleepwalking baby and they're lullabying
You're a dreamer but you're dreaming
Someone else's dream

And it's a perfect world when you're looking in
Beautiful people, beautiful things
But you're gonna find out when you get inside
Most of it's fake, the rest of it's lies

And then some day
You're gonna get caught
Life's gonna nail you to the spot
It's gonna catch you between the angels and the clay
What you gonna do when that day comes?
Who you gonna call, where you gonna run?
It's a long way home
When your perfect world fades away


That's Why I Have To Go (Mick Brady)

The clock says it's way too late
But your eyes say just one more
One more drink, one more song
Once more round the floor
I'm wishing it was simple
But somebody could easy get hurt
I could be stepping off the edge
I could be falling down in the dirt

You know that I want to stay
That's why I have to go
My head is saying yes
But my heart just whispers no
The band is playing an old cheatin' song
They're playing real sweet and slow
You know that I want to stay
That's why I have to go

Degrees of separation
Keep me away from home
And bar room lights are gonna burn real bright 
In a strange town on your own
I don't want to spend my days
On some road that goes nowhere
Searching through my memories
For something that was never there

It's taken all my life to get to where I am
And where I am is nowhere near
The place that I had planned



Leap Of Faith (Mick O'Doherty, Mick Brady)

It wasn't looking very good
The last time that I checked
But I'm still holding on and it's not over yet
Anything could happen
Everything could change
You'll never beat the numbers
But the numbers could get rearranged

Now the pessimists are probably gonna prove to be right
But the optimists go dancing every Saturday night
The only thing that they wanna do
Is have a real good time
They'll be laughing, they'll be singing
They'll be thinking everything is just fine

There’s a silver moon in a starry sky
There’s more up there than meets the eye
The world isn’t always the way that it seems to be
There’s rivers flowing under the ground
There’s treasures lost that are waiting to be found
Gonna take a leap of faith
Gonna see where it takes me

I'm hoping I might still have a chance
Find a trump card in the pocket of my pants
Don't think I don't know I'm in the danger zone
I'm waiting for a twist of fate that's gonna take me home



Sometimes You Gotta Say Yes (Mick O'Doherty, Mick Brady)

I swore I was never gonna do it again
But then I went out and did it last night
The wrong kind of friends came knocking at my door
I never even put up a fight

Sometimes you gotta say yes
Sometimes you have to say no
Sometimes you get it right
Sometimes you get it wrong 
Sometimes you wouldn't even know

We had a drink or two and then some more
And then some more again
I was feeling like a winner at closing time
I should've gone home right then

So it was out on the razz with my new best pals
It was a night that you couldn't forget 
She walked up to me at a quarter-to-three
I don't remember what happened next

Now I've a hammer in my head
And I'm heaving in my guts
I'll get better but I don't know when
I'm down on my knees, I really mean it this time
I'm never gonna do it again



A Sinner's Mind (Mick O'Doherty, Mick Brady)

I've been trying to say what I wanna say
But nobody wanted to know
Now I met a girl who understands
She wants to go where I wanna go
The sun is shining down like money
Me and my baby heading up the country - yeah!

She's got me listening to the sound of a broken bell
That's been ringing in the back of my head
She's got me thinking a lot about a whole lotta things
That my old Daddy said
And he said "Hey son, listen to your dreams
The world won't  give you no guarantees - no never"

She's got a sinner's mind, she's got a saint's appeal
She always makes me feel the way I want to feel
She's not an angel, no she's much too real
She's got a sinner's mind, she's got a saint's appeal

I remember how she looked when she looked at me
And I looked at her as well
But it was never just about the way that she looked
I loved the little things that she said
And she said "Hey boy, if you listen to your heart
You're never gonna need no maps and charts - no never"

We're never gonna make rich, never gonna make it big
We're never gonna make her Mamma proud
But we're making a break and we're making it now
Yeah, we're on our way outta town
It's gonna be the trip of a lifetime
I'm gonna call the good times hotline – yeah!


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