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Highway 10 (Mick Brady)

Six o'clock alarm and I've only just got into bed

Quick cup of coffee, pull a T-shirt on

Splash a little water around my head

Out on the road, heading west

Early morning light, the world is looking its best

Anything could happen but it just hasn't happened yet


I'm pulling outta Tucson, never felt like this before

Sunrise behind me not a cloud in sight

The sky seems to cling to the desert floor

Road up ahead is straight and clear

I'm gonna burn it up and make it disappear

Nowhere else I'd rather be but here


I'm riding down Highway 10

I never did it before but I'll do it again

Five hundred miles, a hundred degrees

On the road between the desert and the deep blue sea


I got a lot of road behind me but it feels like I've just begun

Across the state line, mountains up ahead

Highway seems to shimmer in the burning sun

Just a few hours till I hit the coast

Cool blue ocean getting close

City Of The Angels, city of hope


Coulda headed for the hills, coulda headed down south

Coulda kept my head down and never left the house



You Can Have Anything That You Want (Mick Brady)

He had a talk with himself  'bout the state he was in

Heart-to-heart, man-to-man

He'd been pushin' real hard, doin' all he could

But nothing turned out the way that he planned

Mixed up notions, crazy emotions

Had to set his mind at ease

Something real strong, wouldn’t take too long

He’d be dreaming drowsy dreams


Oh, you can have anything that you want now

Oh, we can get you whatever you need

Gonna get you a piece of the action

Guarantee you satisfaction

Oh, we can get you whatever you need


She was watching herself in the mirror

Didn’t like what she was seeing

She was older now, getting on a bit

Thinking about what she might have been

All of her friends said just do it

We’re gonna do it too

Just sign on the line, write out a cheque

You’ll wake up a brand new you


Salvation for sale from your lifestyle teacher

It's all gonna get a whole lot sweeter

Implantations, alterations

Make yourself your own creation



One Of Those Days (Mick Brady)

It’s one of those days when you want to jump out of your bed

One of those days you got stuff bouncing round in your head

One of those days when ideas flow

One of those days when you get up and go

One of those days when you’d like to have two in a row


Ah, you gotta come around right away

Ah, you gotta stop what you’re doin’

Come on around and play

Yeah, we’re gonna have some fun

You really don't want to miss this one ah ha


It’s one of those nights when you don’t want to go to sleep

One of those nights, there’ll be memories that you wanna keep

One of those nights you wanna stay up late

One of those nights when you’re feeling great

One of those nights when you know that you’re going someplace


Some guys are smart but we got lucky

It's like being rich without any money

It's like waking up when every day is sunny


It's one of those times when you've got a little attitude

One of those times when you know you're never gonna lose

One of those times when you're thinking straight

One of those times when you're in good shape

One of those times everybody's gotta celebrate



The Trail Of The Grievous Angel (Mick Brady)

Meet me tonight at the High Desert Motel

I’ll be there around sundown when the sky is burning red

I'll see you out in the parking lot on Highway 62

We’ll set out on the trail of  The Grievous Angel


I'm gonna load this pick-up truck, take off into the hills

Watch a thousand stars come out, feel the desert chill

Light up a campfire by some dried-up river bed

Sing a verse of Hickory Wind, try to get inside of his head


He was just a southern boy, his home town couldn't give him enough

He headed out west to California, he was always gonna push his luck

In his hours of darkness the desert gave him what he’d need

The little town of Yucca Valley was where it was gonna lead

He’d come to the end of the trail - The Grievous Angel


Must be about a million miles between this desert town and Sin City

But there’s a good saloon where all the fallen angels still look pretty

You can hang out on your back porch, you can hang out on the 31st  floor

It won’t make any difference when the man knocks on your door



Saturday Night At The Desert Saloon (Mick Brady)

The old guy was wearing his best blue jeans

The old gal and him, they were quite a team

They had all the moves and danced all night

They could show the young ones how to do it right

Mountain Band got bluegrass rhythm - dobro, guitar and big bass fiddle

Back-up singer she could shake her hips

When the set was over she collected tips


Saturday night at the desert saloon

Party starts up in the afternoon

Try a jug of beer and chili cheese fries

Have a catfish sandwich and a bottle of wine

Don’t call the sheriff  if you witness a crime

He’s out on the floor, having such a good time

On saturday night at the desert saloon


Boys all in from the Rimrock Ranch

Saturday night and they wanna dance

Workin’ all week in the desert sun

Weekends, they're gonna have a little fun

Give ‘em rib eye steaks and a couple o’ shots

Them cowboys gonna go over the top

It’s a classic case of honkytonk thinkin’

Trying to clear the mind through a hard night’s drinkin’


Gals out here on a weekend break

They say the city scene just seems so fake

Whiskeys, gins and tequila slammers

Watch these gals, they're gonna get hammered

Whoopin’ it up till closing time

Everybody getting just a little outta line

Pick-up trucks out in the parking lot

Gonna see a little action when the music stops



Gotta Get A Hat Today (Mick Brady)

I've been playing my songs for a long long time

And getting nowhere, they were outta style

I knew I was doin’ something wrong

I had to figure out what was going on


I went down to the record store

I just got inside the door and

There it was, The Country Music section

Wasn’t one million-seller didn’t wear a great big stetson


I gotta get me a hat today I'm gonna get it right away

I gotta pick one that suits me right

I'm gonna wear it day and night

'Cos a hat's much more than a hat you know

A hat's a big statement, gonna make it part of the show


It’s kinda like a law of nature

Big ol’ hat can improve your stature

I'm gonna find a hat that’s really me

I'm gonna wear it on the Grand Ole Opry


I'm gonna get my picture took

With my hat on, it’s my new look

Gonna put it on the cover of my next CD

Fans all gonna go crazy over me



I Saw The News Today (Mick Brady)

I heard him singing in the parking lot 

“Take this badge offa me”

Home-made sign said he was homeless

Beat up banjo on his knee

Soldier’s jacket round his shoulders

Red bandana on his head

Guys like him all round this country

The walking wounded, the living dead


I saw the news today

Young kids on their way

Daddies proud, Mommas crying

But that's the price you have to pay

I saw the news today


I stopped and listened to him singing

“Put my guns in the ground”

The way he played you could believe him

You kinda knew he’d been around

Banners hanging from the drugstore

Faded red, white and blue

Said “Welcome home to all our heroes

Appreciate what you do”



Just Another Day On The Beach (Mick Brady)

Take a look at those surfin’ guys, out on the waves

Those guys got all the moves, those guys are never afraid

Chasin’ that special one, all day long

They stay out there till the light is gone


It's just another day on the beach

Nothing new, nothing unique

Same thing every day, every week

It's just another day on the beach

Nothing new, nothing unique

It's just another day on the beach


There's a bunch of young girls down there, stretched out on the sand

Searching for the perfect body, working on the perfect tan

They lie out there for hours, taking the sun

They pack up their gear and go home when the evening comes


See that guy hanging out, under the pier

Same guy hangs round there every day of the year

He doesn't surf and he never swims

He doesn't go home when the night draws in


Same thing happens on every street

Always some loser, always some freak



It Doesn't Work Any More For Me (Mick Brady)

You come into the world with nothing

You’ll have nothing when you leave

You can’t take anything with you

That’s just the deal


You're handed a bunch of beliefs and ideas

A whole lot of rules you're supposed to obey

Holy Books and the Wisdom Of Ages

All gonna tell you “This Is The Way”


Doesn't work any more for me

It just doesn't work for me

Great big world all around us

It's got everything that I need


Soak it all up, buy into the story

Play your part, say what you have to say

Find someone like you to travel life's journey

When you have your own children, show them The Way


Preachers and teachers all gonna tell you

Stories that they really believe

Answers to all the difficult questions

Beautiful visions, beautiful dreams



Happy That He's Made It This Far (Mick Brady)

Old lady walking down the beach on her own

She’s taking her time, she’s got no one at home

She likes to get out in the morning sun

Feel the surf on her feet, taste the salt on her tongue

And she’s happy that she’s made it

She’s happy that she’s made it

She’s old enough to know that you are what you are

And she’s happy that she’s made it this far


Young guy running by her and he’s moving so fast

He doesn’t even see her, got his mind on his task

He knows the girls are watching and he hopes he looks good

He’s a little insecure and a little bit smug

But he’s happy that he’s made it

He’s happy that he’s made it

He's innocent enough in affairs of the heart

And he’s happy that he’s made it this far


Pretty woman sets up on the beach every day

She sets out her towels in her own special way

Does her stretches and her yoga in her little pants and top

It’s all about the spirit but she likes the guys to watch

And she’s happy that she’s made it

She’s happy that she’s made it

She likes to think that she's a little bit of a star

And she’s happy that she’s made it this far


Old guy at the window taking everything in

He don’t get out a lot but he’s happy in his skin

The whole world is going on just outside his door

He pretends he doesn’t notice, like he’s seen it all before

But he’s happy that he’s made it

He’s happy that he’s made it

He just sits there strumming on an old guitar

And he’s happy that he’s made it this far







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