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Burning Up Rubber (Mick Brady)

When I ran out on you

I just took off down the road

I didn’t know where I was going

Just any way the wind was blowing

Since then I’ve been running blind

I didn’t find what I thought I’d find

I’ve been running round in circles

But I never got you off my mind


Now I’m burning up rubber

On the road straight back to you

I won’t be taking any detours

I’m coming right through

I’ve been off the beaten track

And down a hundred cul-de-sacs

Now I’m burning up rubber

On the road straight back to you


I didn’t know what I was doing

Didn’t know what I was getting into

I’ve been burned and bruised

I feel like I’m black and blue

Now all I wanna do is come home

I know I’ll never make it alone

It took me way too long to find out what I should have known



We Should Have Known Better (Mick Brady)

Thinking back to the days when we were just kids

I remember so well all the things that we did

A long time ago when times were tough

We didn’t have much, we always had enough:

Cowboy pictures every week at The Shack

The good guys, the bad guys, The Girl and The Chap

All the way home acting out what we saw

We were bad, we were mean, we were quick on the draw


That was a time and that was a place

When the world turned around at a different pace

We grew up between the canal and the river

We thought we were poor but we should have known better


Going down to the church to confession each week

Grim preachers preaching at the children’s retreat

Little Noelie died when he was just seven

They told all the kids that he’d gone to heaven

Summer evenings spent hangin’ round in The Swings

Or heading down The Wall to go for a swim

Games on the streets until well after dark

Putting on a show in somebody’s backyard


First kisses kissed by the railway line

Falling in love for the very first time

Teasie teased the boys in her corner shop

Sitting at the counter showing her stocking tops

Frankie left the country, went to work in The States

Billy went Down Under, wrote back it was great

It didn’t take long till the gang was all gone

We’d all grown up, it was time to move on



She Used To Be A Girl With A Future (Mick Brady)

She’s not gonna hang around

To try and please someone

She’s out there on the road now

Out there having fun

She’s got herself a big ol’ Harley

She’s got her skirt above her knee

She’s revving up, she’s letting go

Determined that she’s gonna be free


She used to be a girl with a future

Now she’s a woman with a past

She could’ve been a mover and a shaker

Now she’s moving on real fast

She’s older and she’s wiser

She’s got nothing left to prove

She’s been round the block a time or two

This lady’s paid her dues


She says that she’s not going grey

She’s says she’s silver blonde

She says that she don’t give a damn

Tomorrow she’s gonna be gone

There’s a time for taking chances

There’s a time when you play it cool

She knows she’s waited long enough

Now she’s got herself an attitude



Ancient Feelings (Mick Brady)

You’re on your way, out on your own

You’re grown up now, you know where you’re going

But I think about you all of the time

Got your face on rotation going round in my mind


I know you’ve gotta learn to dance

You’re gonna take every precious chance

You wanna stand on your own two feet

You’ve gotta move to your own beat


Ancient feelings in my blood

Stronger than faith, deeper than love

These feelings got me night and day

These ancient feelings


I remember things you used to say

I think of games we used to play

And I’m counting the days till you come home

I’m keeping a watch on the telephone


But tomorrow’s dreams are no use today

Sometimes I feel I’m stuck halfway

Between what’s to come and what’s gone past

And the present drifts away too fast



The Man Who Invented Swimming (Mick Brady)

Here’s to the man who invented swimming

From all of the men and all of the women

Who’ve taken a plunge in the sea or the pool

In trunks, in bikinis, shorts and in the nude


Nobody knows where he got the idea

But it sure turned out to be a winner

It made the world a much better place

For the amusement of the human race


Here’s to the man who invented laughter

Just what prehistoric jokers were after

Now we’ve sitcoms and standups and comedy clubs

We’ve got pantos and satire and telling jokes in the pub


Here’s to the girl who invented singing

Starting off from humble beginnings

We’ve got tenors, sopranos, altos and choirs

We’ve cantatas and doo-wop and sing-songs at campfires


What about the pair who invented kissing?

Till then no one knew the fun they were missing

Now everyone’s at it, on the neck and the eyes

On the cheeks and the lips and other places besides



Life's Too Good (Mick Brady)

When I was just a baby sitting in my pram

Sucking on a bottle, eating bread and jam

It was warm and cosy and I felt great

Thought this world was the coolest place

Daddy used to bounce me on his knee

Momma used to pick me up and cuddle me

Neighbours coming round going goo-goo-goo

There wasn’t much of nothing that I had to do

At an early age, I guess you could say, I sensed it

Life’s too good, there ought to be a law against it


Since we’ve grown up it’s gotten better still

It’s been laugh after laugh and thrill after thrill

Got music and songs and late-night sessions

Who says you gotta die before you get into heaven?

Drinking cold beer in the afternoons

Playing along with old country tunes

Guitar, bass, drums and pedal steel

What more could you ask, we’ve been living the dream

If it isn’t broke, why would you want to mend it?

Life’s too good, there ought to be a law against it


Now we may be getting on but we’re doing ok

We’ve still got a million more songs to play

Someone please lock us up with a case of red wine

Electric guitars and a whole lot of time

Maybe we’re childish and we’re immature

Development arrested (too late for a cure!)

But a pessimist can drown in a half empty pool

While an optimist is laughing coming out of the womb

It’s what we believe in, maybe we’ll live to repent it

Life’s too good there ought to be a law against it


It’s all there in Freud (o.k. - I know we’ve condensed it)

Life’s too good there ought to be a law against it

Jesus said it too and you can bet your bottom dollar he meant it

Life’s too good there ought to be a law against it

What the hell is wrong with admitting that you’re contented

Life’s too good there ought to be a law against it



Stolen Days (Mick Brady)

This is no idle journey

Just drifting wherever I go

But I’ve been fishing in lakes of shadows

And swimming against the flow

Time can slip by so quickly

When it seems you’re a success

But the mind can be fooled real easy

And only the heart protests


Stolen days, stolen hours, stolen minutes

Always thought that I was gonna be just fine

But now I’m far enough away to see clearly

And I see clearly I was just wasting time


Now the high hills are all behind me

I don’t need to climb them no more

And though I’m sailing through strange waters

I can see the lights on the shore

I’m trying to forget what I remember

And remember what I have forgot

But old questions don’t have easy answers

And old questions are all that I’ve got



I Hope They're Together Tonight (Mick Brady)

He was taken away and wrapped in a shawl

They rushed him down to the church

To claim him for God, to claim him for us

They were thinking of first things first

His mother was weak, she’d been through so much pain

They didn’t want to hurt her no more

So they kept her in bed, away from her child

His father outside the door


I’ve got no doubts their intentions were good

And they thought it was all for the best

But she always wished that she could have seen him

And held him close to her breast


They sent her back home with nothing to show

For all she had been through

She put away the clothes she’d made for her child

She packed up the baby toys too

Everyone said it was best to forget

Get on with life like before

There was no more to do, no more to say

That’s just the way that it goes


Fifty years on she always cried

When she spoke ‘bout her little boy

She remembered so clear, going back all those years

He was always there on her mind

She’d no grave to visit, no photo to touch

Just a pain she felt all her life

Now I miss my brother and I miss my mother

And I hope they’re together tonight



Caught In The Headlights Of Love (Mick Brady)

It’s as clear as sunshine, as simple as faith

I woke up this morning feeling great

‘Cos I know I’m gonna see that girl again

Well I met her just the other day

And no way she’s gonna slip away

This is not a case of being just friends


I’m like a rabbit on a summer’s night

Blinded by the burning lights

Caught up in the headlights of love

And when she looked at me with those big bright eyes

Baby I was mesmerised

Caught up in the headlights of love


I’m gonna raise the bar and raise my sights

Change my way of thinking, change my life

Blow away the fog and break new ground

Buy a ticket to the House of Dreams

Start myself a new regime

Move out of here and stop this messing around



In The Name Of The Faith (Mick Brady)

I remember the smack of the leather strap

When Joey walked straight into the teacher’s trap

But it was worse by far in the afternoons

When he was kept behind in the changing rooms

While the marks on his hands would heal real fast

The scars inside were there to last


Why did they do it?

Did they think they’d a right

To use innocent kids

Any way that they liked?

In the name of The Church

In the name of The State

In the name of God

In the name of The Faith


When Joey left school he was still too young

To understand the damage they’d done

He thought that now he’d be able to do

All the things he dreamed he’d do

He thought that now that he’d be free

To be the man he wanted to be


But he was troubled and wild, always out on the edge

There was stuff that stayed locked up tight in his head

Wherever he was he just couldn’t fit in

He never felt his body belonged to him

He was always avoiding and always denying

And at night he dreamed the dreams of the dying
















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