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Robinson Crusoe (Chris Burke)
My love is shipwrecked I’m overboard
I’m trying to stay afloat
I’m all washed up but I’ve made dry land
I didn’t need your lifeboat

I’m stranded on the beach I’m high and dry
Lost with nowhere to go
I don’t know if I’m in Paradise or Hell
I only know I’m on my own

I’m looking for a footprint in the sand
I feel like Robinson Crusoe
Looking for my ship to come in
I feel like Robinson Crusoe
Looking for someone to call a friend
I feel like Robinson Crusoe
Looking for this loneliness to end yeah
I feel like Robinson Crusoe

I’m standing on the shore looking out to sea
Talking to myself
Waiting for someone to answer me
Someone to take me off  this shelf

Girl Friday where are you
You’ve been gone for far too long
My salvation’s out of reach
When you’re all alone, when you’re all alone

And when you come to take me home
Never more will I fly
I’ll be happy to settle down
Put down roots and eat apple pie



Cold Rider (Syl Burke)
Cold Rider tell me what you come here for
I’ve seen your ragged face, I’ve heard your silent roar
Waiting at the corner at the top of the stairs
Parading through our lives with nothing to fear
Nothing to fear

Cold Rider, such a big big man
And you infest our dreams just because you can
We’re gonna track you down
Pay you for what you’ve done
Cold Rider you got no place left to run
No place left to run

One day, gonna look you in the face
And say goodbye to you forever
One day, gonna do it right
Gonna take your gun
Chase you off into the night
One day and it won’t be long
Gonna find new words to your sad old song, Cold Rider

Cold Rider tell me what you come here for
I’ve seen your ragged face, I’ve heard your silent roar
But the sun is rising, it’s a brand new day
Cold Rider you best be on your way
Best be on your way



The Next Time Around (Mick Brady)
The state that we're in now
Where to begin now?
Who would have ever thought that we'd leave it all behind
We had it good then
We should have understood then
It was only ever gonna last for just a little while
We thought that we were winners
But we were just beginners
Dreaming dreams that we never dreamed before
We were unrealistic
We were too optimistic 
Now the dream is gone
And it's not coming back no more

Left with nothing
When it all broke down
Nothing but trouble
Now we're trying to tell ourselves we'll get it right
The next time around

Picking up the pieces
Wishing to Jesus
Feeling hard feelings like we never felt before
A whole lotta bitchin'
And shifting positions
No one takes the blame
No one feels the shame no more



The Big Question (Chris Burke)
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder why you are
They say the Big Bang put you there
I wanna know
Who pushed the button for that solar flare?

The big question is why are we here
The big question is why are we here

They told me in school that God made the world
Science tells me now that’s absurd
I’m confused, I’m none too clear
I wanna know why we’re here

Are we all alone or is someone out there
Looking at us as a distant star
Thinking, wondering what it’s all about
Trying to figure the whole thing out?

Thinking too much, it’ll drive you crazy
So let’s take it nice and easy
Maybe when we leave this world
That’s when the mystery will unfurl



Fool for Love (Syl Burke)
Fool for love, falling again
Fool for love, falling again

Beautiful eyes, pass on by
Beautiful smile, don’t even try
‘Cos I don’t believe it
And I’ll never see it
It’s an obsession
And I’ll never learn the lesson

Beautiful eyes, pass on by
Beautiful smile, don’t even try
Surrender, surrender it’s all you can do
Raise up that white flag
The war is over for you

It’s a card I always choose
A game I always lose
It’s all the same in the end
Find a lover, lose a friend



Some Things Improve With Time (Mick Brady)
So much stuff for you to choose
It’s all so shiny, it's all so new
All built to wear out fast
But some things are made to last

Some things improve with time
They just get better after a while
Some things improve with age
Their beauty comes out when they fade

Young love is free and wild
But it's a fragile kind of love
Not tested by the test of time
Old love knows love for real
And it's tougher than romance
And it's bigger than ideals

When you're young you've got your dreams
All your plans and all your schemes
All the things you're going to do
But anything can happen you

Some guys get cool as they grow old
Maybe they just come into their own
You start off playing the hand you’re dealt
Then you find out about yourself



Park West Morning (Syl Burke)
Another Park West morning
The sun is in my eyes
Three horses standing watching
Crows flying by
Train whistle blowing
It’s an early morning ride
Misty morning prison
All those bad boys locked inside
And you’re gone
This earth rolls along
Yes you’re gone
It’s just another morning song

Another Park West morning
Young girl walking home
She don’t see me coming
She’s in a world of her own
Three horses standing watching
Crows flying by
Apartment blocks are silent
Glass made out of sky
And you’re gone
And this earth rolls along
Yes you’re gone
It’s just another morning song

I lost you in the rain
Just as the sun was breaking through
And when I saw you on that train
I didn’t know what to do
What to do
What to do

Another Park West morning
Just like all those ones before
And I’m wondering what I’m doing
Just what it’s all for
Three horses standing watching
Crows flying by
Apartment blocks are silent
Glass made out of sky
Glass made out of sky



Carpe Diem (Chris Burke)
Carpe diem, it’s the only way
You’ve got to learn to live your life day by day
Yesterday’s history, tomorrow who knows?

If you’re offered a gift horse, well take it and run
Don’t go checking its teeth or its gums
For he who hesitates is he who’s lost

And if your wife runs off with another man
Leaves you with the mortgage, carrying the can
Just remember as you lie there in your pelt
At least you have the double bed to yourself

So if you’re down and in despair
Be happy when you wake up that life is still there
It’s always darkest before the dawn



All Undone (Diane Rulliere, Mick Brady)
I‘ve known you for the shortest while
But I want to climb inside your smile
And wind your silken hair round my fingers
To taste the contours of your face
And take you into my embrace
And find the place you like my lips to linger

I want to share your sweetest dreams
And watch with you your favourite scenes
From Jimmy Stewart movies by the fireside
To make my cowboy stew for you
And drive you to your favourite view
At 5am so we can see the sunrise

I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is
I want to unwrap all your layers
One by one
One by one
Until you’re all undone

I want to bring you tea in bed
I want to make you eggy bread
And laze with you into the afternoon
Discussing deep philosophy
Interspersed with ecstasy
Then open up the windows to the moon



Jim & Jimi (Chris Burke)

Jim and Jimi up there on the wall
Hanging over that T-shirt stall
They've joined Lennon and Clapton and Marley
Selling burgers in the hard-sell café

How long before Keith Richards
Appears on the back of my cornflake packets
And Dylan, Springsteen and Prince
Start trying to sell me life insurance
Well Jim and Jimi they’re up there on the wall

I guess our heroes all get taken over
By big corporations and their advertising poseurs
It really cheapens what we thought all along
You’ve gotta be careful who you pin your dreams on
Jim and Jimi they’re up there on the wall

Its money that talks, I guess it always did
Just selling product to the gullible kids
But the music’s for real when it’s driven by passion
When it comes from the heart and not from Mammon
Jim and Jimi they’re up there on the wall

Jim and Jimi (they’re selling burgers)
Jim and Jimi (they’re selling T-shirts)
Jim and Jimi they’re up there on the wall



Old, Old Story (Mick Brady)
There's a fingernail moon
Hanging down from the sky
I can see it through the clouds
As they go drifting by
And there's a message coming through real slowly
Like the light from a distant star
It's saying you don't know nothing
Don't matter who you think you are

But there's an old old story
You hear it every day
People wanna believe it
It makes it easy that way
It gives you something you can cling to
When you've got nothing to say
Yeah there's an old old story
You hear it every day

I was sitting by the water's edge
Striking matches in the dark
Listening to the waves
Checking out the feelings in my heart
I saw a shooting star shooting
Way out over the sea
It got me thinking I was no one 
And that was alright with me


I was watching her lying asleep
In a motel room
The sun was beating down outside
Getting on for noon
And nothing else mattered
It was just one moment in time
I'm never gonna forget it
I've got it saved up in my mind



Achill Sound (Syl Burke)
Looking out on Achill Sound
I thought of sailors lost and found
Marineros from the Spanish Main
Fishermen lost in mortal pain
The sea will take, the sea will give
Some will die and some will live
Their spirits haunt this ancient shore
And ride the waves forever more

As I stood beneath an angry sky
Birds were wheeling way up high
On the horizon I thought I saw
A lonely galleon man-of-war
Ghost were dancing on her beam
I could hear her canvas tear and scream
Boards were parting, bound to fail
She was a feather tossed upon a gale

Mountains glowing in the morning air
Take my hand I’ll take you there
We’ll walk upon the strand
Deserted village on the hill
You can feel the ghosts there still
In the sea and in the sand
In the sand

Closer now they see the land
Salvation feels close at hand
Forty fathoms maybe ten
Soon they’ll see their homes again
But the tide has turned, it is too late
The moon decides the sailors’ fate
And who knows where and who knows when
They will ever see the sun again

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