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I'll Be There (Mick Brady, Kate O'Neill)


When you need someone to hold you

That's when I’ll be there
When you need strong arms around you

You know that I’ll be there

When you're trembling in the darkness

Like a moth without a flame

I'll be there, I'll be calling out your name


When you've no one else to turn to

That's when I'll be there
When you need someone to cure you

You know that I'll be there

When you feel you're falling from the sky

Like a bird with just one wing

I'll be there to catch you as you spin


Does a river have to think about flowing?
Can a bird decide not to sing?
Can the raindrops stop themselves from falling?
Can winter not turn into spring?


When you think that you don’t need me

That's when I’ll be there
When everything seems easy

You know that I’ll be there
When you’re singing out with joy

And the world looks like it’s new

I’ll be there, I’ll be watching over you


Skin In The Game

Mick Brady/Chris Burke


She spoke from the heart, her feelings were strong

She meant every word but she still got it wrong

Cos really believing's not gonna make something true

All anyone can give you is their own point of view


She fought long and hard before she gave in

But it wasn't her war and she couldn't win

She'd been close before, she never thought she'd get back

But anything can happen, she forgot about that


Now it's all turned around she's got skin in the game

She faced down the truth now nothing's the same

She's finally free to do what she wants with her heart

It's a little bit late but she's gonna make a new start


Old habits die hard, old feelings runs deep

But all that it takes is for someone to speak

Now she's on a new track, she's got love in the frame

She's got nothing to lose, she's got a whole lot to gain

The Table (Mick Brady, Kate O'Neill)


We've come together searching for the light

Something beyond ourselves just out of sight

For a moment to be as one, the truth upon our tongues

Bring everything you've got when you come


Bring every song that you've ever sung

Bring the dreams you had when you were young

All the kindness in your heart

The little things that set you apart

Your secret self, the things you never tell no one


Bring all you've got when you come to the table

Take what you need and give what you are able

Give what you give with love

Your soul, your flesh and blood

Bring everything you've got to the table


Bring all your pain and all your scars

These are all a part of who we are

Your sorrows and your fears

All the doubts that you've had for years

Regrets, your shame and your tears



Sandcastle Kids (Mick Brady, Kate O'Neill)


Sand on my feet, feeling the heat
Crash of the surf, touching the hurt
Red kites in the air but I couldn't care

Sand washed stones, cut to the bone
Boats all at sea, kinda like me
Blue sky thinking, I feel like drinking

Walking for miles, watching the smiles
Sandcastle kids on the beach
Salt in my wounds, love's sorry fool
She's just out of reach


Little black dress, never caressed

Shiny red shoes, butterfly blues

Big bed upstairs, awake in the chair

Sun kissed lawns, I don't belong
Bright yellow rose, petals all closed
Sunday dreaming, I should be leaving


As The Cars Go Speeding By (Mick Brady, Kate O'Neill)


Your shadow is everywhere
In every room, on every chair
Your pictures on all the walls
Your coats hanging in the hall

Your friends still call around
When they're feeling down

They stay and talk for hours
They sometimes bring me flowers

But talking won't bring you home
And flowers won't stop tears from flowing
Pictures won't ease the pain
And nothing can never explain

There's a cross that marks the spot
A bunch of forget-me-nots
A neatly written prayer
A beat up teddy bear

Out there it's always cold
In my bones, my heart, my soul
I call out to the sky
As the cars go speeding by



Shipwreck Eyes (Mick Brady, Kate O'Neill)


She's got shipwreck eyes

And an icebreaker smile

She's not taking her time

She's not waiting in line
She lives by the moon

She travels by the stars

Now there's birds spilling nightfall

Off of their wings
She's out there living

She's close to those things
She left a light in my soul

And a glow all around my heart


The truth is hidden in smooth old stones

And in the things that people do
Can't claim the future or lose the past

And right now I've got nothing to prove


Now there's falling in love

And there's falling beyond
There's falling stars

And there's friends that are gone

But they're out there somewhere

Out in the great unknown

I'm gonna stand right here

At the ocean's edge

Summon up the spirits

Of the living and dead

Cos no one wants to to watch the sun set

All on their own


When the whiskey starts leaking

Out of the flask
Everybody's gonna see

Behind the mask
But nobody knows

What might be lying ahead

But it's an abracadabra world of wonder

Sunshine, rain

And the roar of thunder
Oceans of blue

And deserts burning red



She's For Real (Mick Brady, Chris Burke)


When she comes to town

She plays the DK Lounge

Tells stories you know you can believe

She plays her guitar

Like some old front-porch star

She sings like a voice from the fields


She was born with the blues

She never got to choose

That music's running in her veins

And it comes straight from the heart

Like a howl in the dark

She's not playing any games


She'll tell you things you might not wanna hear

Songs about love and pain and fear

It can cut like a knife

Or shine like a light

Either way, you'll know that she's for real


And she says it all so clear

If you wanna hear

The truth can hurt but nothing else can heal

She never learned how to fake it

She's not going to complicate it

She's just saying what she really feels



The Last Day Of September (Mick Brady, Kate O'Neill)

The last day of September, leaves on the trees

Glowing like embers, blowin' in the breeze

Schoolchildren singing The Big Ship Sails

Angels are watching beyond the veil

Something is happening, something is strange

Something is different, something has changed

It all started up on the first day of May

And it's getting stronger every day


The old oak tree watches it all

Winter, Summer, Springtime and Fall

It keeps its secrets to itself

It doesn't tell nobody else


The last day of October, days getting colder

Children dressed up and I'm feeling bolder

Each night when I lie myself down to sleep

I wonder who I'm going to meet


Will the ancient wise man come round again?

Or matchstalk dogs and matchstalk men?

Someone I knew when I was young?

Someone I'll meet in days yet to come?


The last day of November, time to remember

Nothing is gained if nothing is ventured

Have to keep moving to keep staying alive

I want to travel, I don't want to arrive



I Can't Pretend (Mick Brady)


I've got a lot on my mind

But I really don't wanna think

I need to take some time out

And I could do with a drink

Nothing's the same as it used to be

Stop what you're doing

And sit down here with me


And tell me all the stories

That you know I wanna hear

Remind me again

Of our old souvenirs

Let's talk about all of the good times

That we had

I wanna feel happy

Before I feel sad


And let's face the truth

Time's not on our side

And we've come to a place

Where there's no place left to hide

There's a long road behind us

But every road has to end

I don't wanna believe it

But I just can't pretend, I can't pretend


I've learned a whole lot

That I really don't wanna know

I've travelled to place

I don't wanna go

Now I'm on a path

That I don't wanna take

I'm gonna have to make choices

I don't wanna make


But they're not the same thing

The switch and the light

The sun's gonna keep on burning

All through the cold winter's night

So let's take some time

Just you and me

'Cos whatever will be

Is just going to be

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